Friday, January 8, 2010

Still here

So I'm not sure what to write because everything is still up in the air right now. They think the breathing trouble is from apnea, but it doesn't totally fit the mold. The doctors will continue to consult and monitor her at least one more night, probably more. If they think the problem is apnea they will give us either a CPAP machine to go home with or BiPAP. You can look up information on them if you don't know, but they both are masks you wear when sleeping that both blow air and monitor how often you are breathing. In order to go home with one of these machines you have to stay in ICU one night while they monitor the monitor (go figure) and the settings on the machine. So, right now we are in the regular room, but if she gets the CPAP then she will have to stay another night in PICU.
This will all be settled at the end of the month when Olivia is scheduled for a sleep study at Mercy South-- they don't do them at the downtown location which is why she hasn't had one during this stay. They take blood gases and have all kinds of tests they run while she is asleep and this will help us determine for sure if she is having apnea issues.

All that to say, I have no idea when we're going home or if we're going with new machines or what, but she is being monitored very well, and by now we know a lot of the nurses, therapists, doctors and residents. They take very good care of us and are really making the stay as comfortable as can be. She is also continuing to improve with her awake hours and productivity. We see more and more of her personality each day and she is enjoying her time reading books and learning new motor skills. Her favorite toy is her father, who essentially does whatever she wants. I'm sure you can all imagine. Even all of the doctors call him a flirt. He has no hope.

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  1. Kelly -- Thanks for keeping everybody in the loop. It keeps me from wondering so much. Hope she gets to go home today. Soon she'll have more techno toys than I do. love, Jane