Saturday, January 9, 2010

More questions, no answers

We will be here at least two more nights I think, which is fine. They are not sure what is causing her oxygen saturations to fall. They are happening less and are less severe so I'm hoping she just stops doing it all together. They are only happening in the middle of the night, which makes it difficult to pin on apnea (since she is sleeping soundly during the day as well) or her medication doses (which she gets twice a day--every 12 hrs.). So far the doctors answers are to either get CPAP and go in the PICU, or take her meds down a touch (like .25ml) and monitor her for a few days. We chose monitoring in the hopes that she would stop the desats and we could go home with no more machines.

Only time will tell. Really Brian and I wanted to try the least invasive thing first. If she needs the CPAP machine then we, of course, want the best for her and will bring it home, but if she doesn't we don't want to have to strap a mask to her face all night if its not helping. So, for now we are still here--our second home. Everyone has been wonderful, as usual.

Olivia had a pretty good day today. Unfortunately, only grandpa Don and daddy got to see the majority of it. Mal, mom and I were out picking out (and buying) her wedding dress, which is amazing and absolutely perfect, and the bridesmaids dresses, which I am a big fan of.

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