Monday, January 4, 2010

No surgery, this week anyway

We have decided, after conferencing with all our doctors and support staff, to give Olivia a little more time to improve before we ask her to recover from a major surgery that would put her on bypass and wire her sternum together. Though everyone agrees it wouldn't be wrong to do the surgery this week, her improvement on the new medication has given everyone hope that by therapy and medication we can make her stronger, thus allowing her a better chance at recovery. That is the short of it anyway. We showed them all the video of her (that I have now tried uploading to Youtube and still won't work) and they were like a proud bunch of grandparents. Very intelligent and professional doctors smiling ear to ear pushing each other over to see the video of Olivia come to life again. It was remarkable and very reassuring. We feel that we are doing the right thing by allowing her some time (maybe a few months) to get better on her own.
So, there will be at time when surgery will come, we're just not quite there yet. Thank you all for your prayers and please don't stop praying. We're on a long road here and it could go one of many different ways still, but we seem to be headed in the right direction now and we are grateful to have our daughter back.

So sorry about the video. Maybe someone else can figure it out. Until then, we will keep putting up pictures.

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  1. Prayers being sent your direction for continued progress.
    Dean & Nancy