Thursday, January 7, 2010

Staying tonight too

Sorry this is so late in the day. We were not sure for a long while whether we were going to get to come home today. The answer is no. What we do know is that she did well this afternoon on her sats and she has another eeg scheduled tomorrow morning at 7:30am. Why are we always getting the earliest slot? Guess I should be grateful. Past that, we don't know much of anything as far as our future here in the hospital. They aren't giving her anything we don't have at home, which will hint at how many home health machines we have sitting around the house. We actually need to rewire the electricity upstairs to accommodate the need for electrical outlets in her room.

Also today, we experienced just a little bit more of Olivia. Brian and I stepped out to the cafeteria today for some "fresh air" (the fresh air outside is too cold. The high tomorrow is 0, yes 0 degrees). When we got back in the room she was just waking up from a good nap and when she saw Brian and gave us the biggest smile we have ever seen from her. Ever. The next hour was magical--playing, some talking, mom and dad trying to teach her how to clap when we say 'yay', a little more smiling, even for mom. Its like getting to know your kid for the first time when they are 9 months old, after you've already fallen in love with them. It was the most beautiful hour of her life so far, and it was in the hospital room, but no one, including us, seemed to care.

Thank you for prayers. The Lord will always answer them in His ways. We are grateful that at least for now these are His ways.

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  1. Thank you, Livi girl, for teaching an impatient Grandma Marge the Lord's ways. I need the remedial class. Can't wait to see you and your mom and dad tomorrow. Please get to go home, but if not, we'll be in your room at Mercy with Aunt Mal and almost Uncle Allen by mid-afternoon. More hugs and kisses than you can imagine.....