Friday, October 12, 2012

Skinny jeans, bird caller wrestler, and cableknit

So listen, I keep thinking I need to be thoughtful enough to put together some kind of really deep and meaningful complete thought. Apparently I can't. Our life is crazy busy right now, which is good. It doesn't leave too much time to think, which is also good-- sometimes. We've been in and out of town a ton lately, but here is a conglomeration of things happening in our house--when we've been home.

I usually go jeans shopping by myself. Honestly, its been since I don't know when since I've bought jeans. Long enough that my favorite pair now has holes in both knees. I feel comfortable (the last 3 years) being slouchy and wearing clothes that are a little looser. I guess I would rather people not look twice at me. Odds are I'm not wearing make up, I haven't showered, or I've been crying-- or some combination of those. So, Brian and I went on a date the other night and after eating dinner we went jeans shopping. If I were shopping alone I would find the closest regular bootcut jeans in a size too big and take them up to the register. This time however, my husband swayed my purchases and we came home with two pairs. One (and my very first) pair of skinny jeans and some kind called "sexy bootcut". Guess who voted for those.

Brian and I have decided that Gabby's wrestling name should be (in megaphone voice) THE BIRD CALLER. All she does is jump up and down and make these insane movements all the time while making several variations on this silly guttural yelling. It sounds like she is trying out every kind of bird call that ever existed. God help us, I hope this is a short phase. On a side note, if you babysit or love my child at all, if she is unhappy I have found that multigrain cheerios will cure any ail. Seriously. Keep some in your back pocket in case you encounter THE BIRD CALLER.

The cableknit part needs only two pictures. They are actually almost the same age in these pics. Compare and contrast--or something.