Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Olivia is confused

I don't think she heard us say that we postponed her surgery for tomorrow. I think she woke up this morning and said, 'I think I'm supposed to go to the hospital today, so lets go' because here we are. Yes, I am writing you from our room at Mercy tonight. We left this afternoon after she had some small breathing episodes this morning. We contacted our pulmonologist and they said come up to the ER. The ER said come on up to a room. I'm not sure whats going on. I think they're making sure the medications are making her too sedated to breath normally. Since we've been here she's developed a little cough, so maybe thats it.
Who knows that tomorrow will bring. No more snow I hear, so thats good. The foot of snow in our front yard doesn't need any more company after the last three inches came down today. I'm hoping we just are staying for the night, but it depends on Ms. Olivia's 'performance' tonight and the drs tomorrow morning. Who even knows any more.

For now we all are doing quite fine. Brian has made it home for the night in the blizzard. Tugger, I'm sure, is happy to have someone to spoon with. Livi is doing fine on her regular amount of oxygen and is on no extra medicine, just IV fluids to make sure she doesn't aspirate formula that gives her pneumonia. I am looking forward to someone else feeding and tending to her tonight. Maybe I can get some sleep. All in all, it looks like we'll make it, but we'll keep everyone up to date on tomorrow's proceedings.


  1. Thinking of you!
    Dean & Nancy

  2. It seems as if tulips are blooming in your part of Holland. I am so happy for you, it makes me cry and I don't shed tears for everyone, I'm kind of a tough old broad.
    When the temps rise a bit and it is safe for the girlie to go outside, I want to take you to lunch. I have a place in mind and I'm pretty excited....

    Renee (and Max)