Monday, January 18, 2010

Some things calming down

Conveniently, as Olivia's appointments are calming down Brian's schedule is getting ready to rev back up again. School starts for him the first of February. He is speaking at a conference for FCA this weekend, then in two weeks traveling to Austin, TX to attend a conference with some guys from church. College ministry is picking back up since the students started back last week and he is working at a private school's aftercare program a couple of hours a day. Despite all that, we have somehow managed to still see each other relatively often. I guess we've had a lot of practice trying to work each other in the schedule. Who am I kidding? I guess he is the only one now working me in his schedule. Brian's graduation is in May (yay!) but I assume that will mean things will only get busier in the summer and not easier.

Livi is still doing well. We were advised to take her meds back up to where they were pre-admission to the hospital. We have found that this is the fatigue culprit and I will be calling the doctor again this morning to ask if we can take it back down since it seems to have no affect on the seizures. Besides therapy once a week, we basically have only about one appointment a week.

I will be working getting a schedule down for myself during the week. I think I will cancel our home health day shift (it just seems in excess) and will volunteer once a week at the church to give myself time out with adults and something I can count on during the week. I can take Livi and get some work done there (though I'm not sure anyone else can. They all like to play with her.) I am desperately looking forward to the spring and walking in the park again. This spring we hope to not be in the hospital a whole month and will be able to enjoy the weather. We are also awaiting the delivery of Olivia's Kid Kart and bath seat. They have been officially ordered and approved, so it should just be a matter of time now.

We seem to have gotten to some kind of comfort level with the pace of our life. It feels easier and simpler to look at the calendar, make our way out into public, and do things we want to do and not need to. We are grateful to the Lord for our life--all of it. Now it is hard to imagine it any other way.

On tap this week: therapy and cardiology follow-up. We, of course, will let you know how it goes.


  1. So glad you are doing this blog so we can read up on you guys! I read it faithfully and am grateful for the news. Is Brian going to Verge in Austin? Adam will be there with some folks. We'll have to try getting together soon.


  2. Kelly,

    Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping us up with the news. We think of you daily......loved the pictures!
    Dean & Nancy