Friday, May 4, 2012

New Adventures in Motherhood

For a lot of reasons I feel like a brand new mom. I guess because Livi is so different and has many more scheduled needs (medications, treatments) than she did before January. Gabby, God bless her, poses all new issues for me than I ever had with Olivia. Issues like, when do you start feeding food? What do I do if she wants to stand up ALL THE TIME? Why isn't she napping well? Seriously, with all the drooling? Well, ok, to be fair we had that last issue with Olivia, but for different reasons.

The last few days have been an absolute God-send. Obviously because our entire family is home and well--finally. Also, because in His graciousness, the Lord is both showing me that I cannot handle both girls well without His help, and that "handling" them is the wrong idea. When my girls grow up I don't want them to remember me stressing out and never having fun. Granted, when I decide to take them both out of the house together by myself, it literally might take half the day, but I don't want to hunker down and only stare at each other in the house because its easier. There is a definite routine that both girls need, especially Olivia. Lets be honest, she needs her medication and breathing treatments on time, otherwise I'm not taking care of her. But if we're playing at 1:30 when she needs her cough assist, unless she is having breathing trouble, I don't have to freak out at 2 because we haven't done it yet. Doing it alone, I would have freaked out the last couple of days ALL day because I have them by myself-- and they are, in fact, a definite handful. Yet, I have laughed more in the last couple days than I have in a long time. The Lord is giving me joy for Him and for my family and trying to teach me to be a little more laid back. So, here are some pics from the last few days...

This one is kind of blurry. Probably because I'm laughing, but changing two diapers at the same time is interesting. Livi is whacking Gabby in the face and Gabby is trying to grab Livi's arm so she can teeth on it--and she did.

 Thank you, Gma for saving my life. Gabby LOVES to stand up and walk. Yes, walk. As in she is not 5 months and if you hold her by the hands she will stand and take alternating steps across the room. This is the only way I can occupy her without walking--so bless you, Gma for buying the exersaucer.

 This is the first "finished" picture of the ramp. We still haven't put the railings on yet, but isn't it beautiful? Thanks also to my friend Elizabeth for going along with my crazy idea to bring both girls outside. It took longer than it should have. This is the first picture of Livi on her porch.

Livi on the porch. She LOVES looking at the trees when the wind blows. Yay for fresh air!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

she's home!

At the risk of it being another few days before can actually put together a legitimate blogpost--
Livi came home on Tuesday night. everyone is doing well, just totally tired from our new schedule.