Thursday, December 27, 2012

winter happenings

I would apologize again for waiting so long to blog, but I know thats getting old and obviously I'm not that sorry or I wouldn't do it anymore. Moving on...

A couple of weeks ago Gabby turned one. Can you believe it? I can't. I know its often that someone makes a comment about time going so quickly. I guess they do because its just so true. I am LOVING this stage of growth and maturity in Gabby. I feel like she is learning (and saying and doing) something new every day. Many of those times its learning (again and again) what NOT to do which constitutes her poised to do something "wrong" saying "no no" to me, and then doing it anyway. I appreciate her tenacity, but those are not always fun times. I did have to inform her the other day that its too bad for her that the only person in this family more stubborn than her is me. She'll learn to love me for that-- one day.

We had a little party for her and interestingly enough, she fades to the background a little with so many people around. Must get that from her father.

We tried to start some new traditions with her for this holiday time. We, of course, were not really sure what to do. The last few years around Christmas Liv had been too sick for us to go many places, so we had to take a cue from our friends. We spent a day (her birthday) at Crown Center. It was great. She, of course, is interested in everything, especially if its lit up and shiny. Lucky for her...

We spent the weekend before Christmas in Joplin with family, including her cousin who is 10 weeks younger than her. They were a hoot and kept every entertained, for sure.

As you would expect, parts of the holiday season were difficult for us, being the first Christmas without Olivia. We are definitely going to blog about that more in the coming days. We had to peek open the door of blogging just a bit with a fun and easy post.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.