Friday, January 1, 2010

The news of the day goes to (drumroll...)

My beautiful sister and her amazing husband to be! Congratulations Mal and Allen. Well, congratulations malarie; allen, I know we've all hung out together quite a lot, but I sure hope you know fully what you're getting in to. I couldn't be there, but here is a photo I jacked from my mom.
In other news, the care conference with all of livi's doctors and us to decide surgery or no is on monday at 1pm. I sure will be keeping the blog up to date that afternoon.

I also will probably be posting pictures of some beautiful razorback cookies that I am making for the game tomorrow. I hope the cookies aren't the highlight of the viewing party. Shout out to Santa for the wonderful razorback cookie cutter in my stocking!

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  1. Santa says "You're welcome" and he had better get some of those cookies next year when you put out snacks for him! GO HOGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!