Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catching up with you all

Sorry I have been so negligent. We have been busy with company-- so fun for us, but not the best for updating blogs. Here are some pictures from the past few days...

For starters, the Kid Kart is working out great! Even though its an extra trip to the from the car to get the seat out of the trunk, its well worth it. Its great to have in the house so she can play and learn while I pick up the house or just play with her, but able to see her face. Since it tips almost all the way back she can also nap in it during the day. I am learning to be a little more seamless folding and unfolding it. Monday Livi had a sleep study at Mercy South (which went well I guess) and I was yelling at the stroller behind my car in the sub-zero temperatures trying to figure out what I was doing wrong that it wouldn't unfold. We have since worked out most of the kinks. No one was hurt, except my hands from standing outside in the terrible wind chill.
Right now I just have to schedule ten more minutes than usual for the extra trips to the car and the shaking and karate chopping I do to get the seat in the stroller. All in all, one appointment that lasts for an hour takes us in real time about two and half hours plus. That includes 15min of driving. The rest is getting things in and out. Or like today when our dr. dropped by our therapy appt and asked that we stop by the lab on the way out so they can test her electrolytes (which I just got word are perfect). I did stop by the lab and the pharmacy to pick up a Rx. Though the tech knows Livi and did very well with the stick, it pushed our out of the house time to three hours...for one appt.
In other news, apparently now insurance companies are paying people for being good parents. I now get paid gas mileage reimbursement by the insurance company when I call in saying I went to an appt. This information would have been handy for the past eight months, but I'll just take what I can get. Unofficially, I get paid $2.50 (really a little bit more) for driving Livi to one appt and then going back home. Livi's piggy bank will be very happy twice a month now.
Also, the bath seat is making its way to our house tomorrow morning. I am VERY excited to use it, except now bath time will include filling up the entire bath tub. Guess my piggy bank money can go to the extra water bill. :)
Livi has been doing very well lately. She decided to play hard to get at therapy today, but then of course woke up about ten minutes before it was finished and has just fallen asleep officially about a half an hour ago. Almost four hours of awake time. Good job, baby! She has also gotten back on some kind of a routine with sleep. She is up now in the mornings around 6:30 or 7 which means mommy needs to learn to go to sleep earlier than she has been. 11:30pm will not cut it any more. She usually takes a good nap about nine to noon (probably induced by her meds) and then wakes up for a while in the afternoon. Takes another nap around four to six and is up for a bath and to see daddy then goes back to bed about 8:30 or 9. Still a lot of sleep, but what an improvement!
Well, I promise I will try to be more loyal to the blogging. Thanks for reading.


  1. Kelly,

    It's so good to catch up on the latest news and adventures. Thank you for the time and effort it takes to do it in addition to everything else. You might consider rewatching 'The Karate Kid'. It has some great moves that your neighbors might want to see as you attack the Livi's new cadillac.
    Dean & Nancy

  2. Thanks Dean and Nancy. When I get in better shape I'm thinking of doing a routine with a unitard. Pretty excited about it.

  3. That better be on you tube...