Friday, October 1, 2010


First of all, if this post seems scattered it will be because Livi and I are typing it together on an office chair that rolls. All kinds of mess can happen...

So, now that the big goals are out of the way (some of them) for Livi's health care, Brian and I are faced with some decisions to make. Over the past week we have been trying to streamline her therapy since we're kicking that up a notch in frequency and thinking about her long term care. Please pray for us as are given the ability to really make decision that affect her health care for the first time. She will be going to both physical therapy and occupational therapy once a week, we are still getting vision teaching once a week, and will be working on some speech during that time as well. In doing the best we can to get her moving more, First Steps has bought both her new ankle prosthetics (dafos) and a new stander that costs the same as a down payment on a new car. It is amazing and better than we deserve. Thank you, First Steps...and, its pink. What more could a girl ask for?

Please continue to pray for both Brian and I in effectively processing the miscarriage. We had a wake up call yesterday when I went in for an endoscopy. After I signed all the paperwork and had my IV put in they informed me we could not have the procedure done because my urine test showed that I was pregnant still. It is everyone's best (and almost only) guess that this is not a new pregnancy, but hormones still hanging around from the miscarriage three weeks ago. I will have another test in two weeks to confirm, but the news was difficult to hear---that it was still affecting my body, and helped Brian to see that he had not fully processed the miscarriage--which, I will say, I think is pretty normal since the man does not actually carry the baby. Now it is a funny story. Yesterday it was seriously disturbing.

We will be traveling to Lake of the Ozarks this weekend for a conference, so we should have some great pics next week. Tried to get some from this week up, but failed. Will do it soon.


  1. my body hung on to the hormones for a while afterwords as well. it's just an annoyingly long process. praying for you guys.uggggg.

    excited for livi's progress and new fun stuff!

  2. Happy half birthday on Sunday, Livi girl! Gma and Gpa love you very much!!!!