Monday, October 11, 2010

Stander and therapy pics

Look, I know they are a long time coming. I will explain why in the next post, but for now just enjoy this beautiful face. Uhh, I this picture they have Livi walking with a little lawn mower. She likes to try walking, but keeping her hands on that thing really pisses her off. Guess you can see that.

Standing up with a little bit of support and playing with a toy at the same time!

The stander. It looks like she is going rollerblading or something. She is wearing the DAFOs in this picture, but I realize you can't really see them, so I will get a close up next time. This stander also has a tray that hooks on so she can play, but she decided that day to watch TV instead.


  1. i freaking love these pictures. is it bad that i want to cry. like i'm kind of tearing up... hooray!

  2. kelly! livi looks so much like you in that first pic. sooo pretty! Im excited for her!