Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick PICU update

Things have settled down for Livi since being in the PICU. Of course it took several hours and tons of personnel before they got a more durable IV line on her, but thats just kind of her style. They see her name here now and remember her from the last IV marathon--not really the way we want to be remembered, but I guess we'll take it.

She is on the bipap now and her heart rate is hanging out much lower than it was, which is great. She just needed a little extra support, but she is definitely not a fan of the mask she has to wear. It obstructs her hands to eyes for rubbing when she is tired. Brian and I were just in there and she was screaming at everyone for making her so uncomfortable. She is getting a breathing treatment soon and will calm down for the night, hopefully.

It appears that she might be getting a secondary bacterial infection from the blood work they took, so they are giving her antibiotics as well, now.

Most people are scared of ICU, but Brian and I are almost relieved to be here. They remember us, love her, and take wonderful care of her. It that doesn't work then we'll bribe them with some sweet treats that you all have been literally leaving on our doorstep. Seriously, we do bribe them. It can't hurt, right? So we will sleep even better tonight knowing that her nurse isn't scurrying around taking care of five other people. Just her and maybe one other kid. Don't think we'll be in ICU longer than a couple of days, but we're all, once again, on Olivia's schedule. And who knows what she has in mind.


  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Fosters and Wilcoxs

  2. Love to all of you -- in my prayers. Janecage

  3. she is so stubborn! ha...not really. i love that her personality comes out so boldly in situations like this.

    come over for din tonight if you want/need to get away!

  4. what a little fiestly thing! love it...i'm sure you do too. ha! i'll be praying that she heals from her infection.