Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pics from our fun fall weekend!

It turned out be the most gorgeous weekend ever and we took advantage of it. Friday afternoon we drug Livi out to the zoo, and though she slept part of the time, Brian and I had a fantastic time walking and hanging out. The animals were ok too :) Especially the new polar bear exhibit, which I will have to say is actually pretty cool.

(FYI: this is the polar bear swimming laps)

Saturday morning we went to the City Market and though it was pretty cool outside, it was sunny and wonderful. Fall is so idyllic and we did lots of the quintessential fall things...including watching the expected but still heartbreaking loss of Arkansas to Alabama Saturday afternoon. A thanks and shout out goes to Tabetha for making and sending this stink'n adorable bow Livi is wearing on game day. Thanks, girl!

Enjoy the pics.


  1. Ooh, lucky Livi going to the zoo! Next time can Gma go with you? Love all the new pics!

  2. Hello Brian and Family! I look at the blog from time to time. Olivia is so beautiful! Kelly stay strong and prayed up! My lil girl had Krabbe disease so I totally understand the frustration. God does everything for a reason! Enjoy every minute of her life! I'm praying for the family! -Marie Smallwood

  3. I love seeing all these photos! I am around KC Wed/Thur -- maybe I can figure out a time to see you?

  4. Come on, girl! We would LOVE to see you! The only time we are busy is Thursday morning, but we will be home by noon. Hope to see you!