Tuesday, October 12, 2010

...and we're back

...in the hospital that is. After the first trip to the ER we came home hoping that we could evade the usually eventual second trip and stay, but turns out that 24hrs later we could not. Livi has another upper respiratory infection. I guess I figured this wouldn't be such an issue now that she didn't have oxygen needs, but we were wrong. She is on oxygen now at the hospital and had a few fever spikes, though less scary and high as they were this spring. This is a short note because I have had about 4hrs of sleep the past 48hrs (both trips to the ER at about 4am and no sleep before then). Brian is out of town, but my mom had already planned to be here. Boy am I glad she came. Livi will be fine, but its a virus and we are planning for the usual 5ish days or so. Hopefully the worst is over--this morning was pretty rough.
We expect her to recover fully and not need any oxygen again when she comes home. I guess no one knows for sure, but thats everyone's best guess. Thanks for the prayers!

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