Friday, October 15, 2010

PICU here we come---again

Just wanted to let everyone know that Olivia and still in the hospital and actually this morning she was transfered down to ICU. Lets all visit our third-grade selves and relive a science lesson: Olivia is technically breathing in oxygen good enough, but not exhaling enough carbon dioxide. This is part of the reason why she has been so sleepy (the constant containment of the carbon dioxide in the lungs). Also, the more co2 she keeps in her lungs when she exhales the less oxygen she is getting. So, they are putting her back on her bipap machine today. If she was already on it we could have just used it on the main floor, but since they are going to initiate use again, we have to go to ICU for that.

Her heart rate is still pretty high, but its how her system is dealing with the virus so since her blood pressure is still good they won't give her anything to slow the heart rate down. She is constipated and her tummy is firm and distended, but she has pooped a little bit, so hopefully that will get better too. This is a nasty, nasty virus and we, as always, appreciate your prayers.

As always in ICU we will not be able to use our phones on the floor. There is a computer in the waiting room to update, so we can do that, but it might be difficult to get a hold of us. I don't think she will be in ICU long, just enough to stabilize the bipap, but we will see.

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