Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Olivia's Birthday Gift to Brian...

...coming home. Yes, in fact I am writing this post from our home office with Olivia sleeping (maybe) in her own bed and Tugger sleeping on the floor outside her room. It has only been about half an hour, but we are so happy to have everyone home, except, of course, the birthday boy who is at work.

Olivia did come home with some new medication, one that costs $1300/mo. God bless medical insurance. Guess thats all I have to say about that. She is doing fabulously and is completely herself. I can't wait to dress her up in her new Halloween outfit (courtesy of my sister's in-laws) outside in our leaves with her pumpkin smiling at Brian. Of course, the probably of all of these things happening at once and getting it on film is pretty slim, but we'll do our best.

To the other news of the day: my absolutely fabulous husband is turning 28 today! Happy Birthday, baby! We were laying in bed last night talking about what we thought our lives would be like ten years ago. It was funny because of course we hadn't even met each other yet. Brian would be a sports agent or finance guru living in Dallas driving a fabulous car and living in a fabulous house married with at least one child. Sorry that didn't all come true, sweetie, but everyone thinks your ten year old Nissan truck is pretty fabulous!

So, maybe we didn't get everything we wanted back then, but we feel pretty friggin lucky anyway. People may look at us and think we don't have much, but we do have a wonderful marriage (most days), a beautiful daughter who is such a hoot, a dog who thinks he is a child, a nice house in a city we love, wonderful family, amazing friends and jobs that we absolutely adore. So what if this isn't where we saw ourselves ten years ago. I'd say we made out even better than expected.

The only thing I can say to follow that is that the sovereignty of God is an amazing thing. Its a good thing we don't get everything we think we want. The unexpected usually proves to be a better and more interesting path anyway.


  1. Awesome! Happy Birthday Brian! So glad your baby is home to celebrate with you!

  2. What a great birthday gift! So happy for you! Also, was Brian really working at work? I mean, really, how much work goes on at church anyway? I am pretty sure it is all water balloon fights and video games. ;)