Thursday, April 1, 2010

We're Rich!!!!!

Not really. But thats what the lovely people in the MoHealth Net offices think. So, we do not qualify for secondary insurance for Olivia through them starting Monday. This would be reason to panic since our primary insurance does not come close to covering 100% of Olivia's expenses, but the Lord is good and provides in his ways and time. This time, it will be in the form of financial aid through Children's Mercy that apparently we are sure to qualify for and sure to pick up all of her expenses our primary doesn't if its a service we are getting through the hospital (clinic visits, surgeries, meds, etc...).

The only downside to this is our home medical equipment comes through another company. Our insurance usually pays some, but we will have to start picking up the rest. That could be at least another couple hundred dollars a month, but I don't know for sure. It will get hiked up since we are ordering yet another machine (Bi-pap) today. That brings the total DME (durable medical equipment) count to 5 in our house, plus all of their attachments and accessories. That also means that we will not be getting pediasure delivered to the house and paid for as expected. Oh well, that was just a perk.

Please be praying for us and our finances. We know there are people who will help, but we would like to ideally just raise the extra support so we don't need the extra help. The other thing is, the income restrictions on SSI are not as strict, so our financial advisor at Mercy directed us to apply for disability for Livi which would help in several ways. This, of course, is a lengthy process. We will try to be patient!

Lastly, we saw genetics clinic again today. They are sending off for variant DNA testing on some tests they have already sent off. I guess we will keep our fingers crossed.


  1. that sounds rough! ugggg. i'll be praying that things run smoothly and finances come in!

  2. God is good, God is good - this is more for me than you! I never worry about you, baby girl - just a little faith boost for your mama. Can't wait to see you and have the party of the year in two days! Love you all - Gma & Gpa