Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh, Spring, I have missed you so

Really there is not much better than a seventy degree sunny day with a breeze--as long as you get to be outside. I take full advantage of nap time which allows me to be outside digging up my yard and soon-- planting! In the hopes that we will take full advantage of our patio this year, I am attempting to beautify it to my liking so we are more likely to sit outside and talk and have fun rather than laying on the couch watching tv on a beautiful day. I know not everyone likes the warmer weather as much as I do (Livi and Brian--both sweaters when it comes to heat) but I'm going to try and convert them since the porch is almost always shaded by the tree. It would even be worth it to invest in an umbrella if need be--that is, after we have gotten some kind of appropriate patio furniture.

Here are some pics of things outside of the house that I brought inside--to enjoy during not-naptime. The peonies are almost in bloom and the azelia bushes are being planted, with all luck, by the end of the week. The rest is up in the air, but on the schedule for soon.

Livi also had her 12mo well check yesterday and got all of her live vaccines. This lead to a slight fever at 4am (despite a few doses of motrin beforehand). Today seems better. She was actually awake long enough for me to wash her hair and change her clothes. Now its back to naptime. And mommy is on her way back outside.

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  1. love love love that mantel. redonk!

    glad you are enjoying the outside...welcome spring!