Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home again--Home again jiggity jig

We got home from the hospital on Friday in the afternoon. They were very efficient in discharging us and we did not even have all of our stuff packed by the time they came in with the paperwork. I totally appreciate that. No lp was done, but nothing grew out on the cultures either. No reason for the fevers that we can determine. BUT they're over with. She has not had a fever since Thursday morning. However, now the hurdle is teething. Since Olivia doesn't hold toys up to her mouth anymore teething is a three month process to get them in. Her front bottom two teeth are on the verge, but any gum rubbing has amounted in the biggest tantrum I have ever seen from her, and though we, of course, do not like to see her in any pain, its interesting to see a whole need side to your child--actually acting like a baby. I know it sounds mean, but she didn't cry or need things emotionally for a long time. Now, wow...what a different world.
I have actually just escaped the couch for the first time this morning to pee because Olivia would only cease the screaming when she is laying on me on the couch. So, yesterday afternoon and this morning thats what we have been doing. I finished my book, so its a lot of TV, which, I will have to say, even with cable is not terribly interesting most of the time. It is somehow both fulfilling and friggin exhausting having a child with emotional needs. I realize this happens for most moms right out the gate, but we have stumbled on this a year in so Brian and I have some adjusting to do.

Speaking of Brian, I am so proud of him! He is managing to be a wonderful dad, an amazing husband, and a great student and employee all at the same time. He is working on a huge paper due at the end of the semester (probably about 60 pgs) along with other homework and two jobs. I got flowers the other day on a whim, and he has been incredibly available to help me with Livi especially since we came home from the hospital. I appreciate it while it lasts while realizing that one person cannot possibly keep this up for four more weeks at full force. But graduation is approaching and I can wait for him to be done with school before needing alot of time with him.

And speaking of time with Brian, my mother, the amateur travel agent she is, is planning a quick trip for just Brian and I somepleace not too far away for early June, after graduation and before the surgery. This will be the first trip Brian and I have taken since our honeymoon and though we love Olivia, she will be staying at our house in KC with grandma and grandpa. It will be difficult for me to stay away and not worry, but some wonderful time regrouping with my husband,

oh---unhappy baby--duty calls


  1. Glad you guys are finally home! We continue to keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. I am so glad that you and Brian might be able to get away for a short time. How special your mom and dad are to help out in this special way.

    D & N

  2. so glad she is doing better! teething...youch. no fun. but it sounds so cute--you two on the couch.