Thursday, April 15, 2010

sickness, sickness, go away

I haven't written this week because Olivia has been plagued by what doctors think must be a virus. Last week's trip to the ER in the middle of the night turned out to be a UTI. She is finishing up meds for that, and started on Monday with this low grade fever, snotty nose and cough, high heart rate and an increase in oxygen requirements. After a negative urine test, a clean chest x-ray, and nose swab, it is determined that she must have some kind of virus and will take just time to get over it. It has taken just that--time. We went to the ER on Wednesday afternoon, almost stayed the night, but then was released. She is doing far better now than on Tuesday or Wednesday, but both mommy and baby are friggin exhausted from interrupted nights.

On another note, a happier one, Brian called today to tell me that he was one of the two students selected at seminary to speak in chapel this spring before graduation. It is a very big honor to be asked and he definitely plans on taking this opportunity as long as Olivia's surgery doesn't interfere.

Olivia is quiet and breathing well, so I am going to take this opportunity to try and go to sleep. we'll see how that goes...


  1. gosh..long week. poor thing. i'm glad to hear she is feeling better and that you are going to get a nap. sleep makes everything a little better.

  2. Congratulations to Brian for being asked too speak. It sounds like it is quite an honor. We hope Olivia is feeling better. Had dinner with your mom, dad, and Mal last night.

    Dean & Nancy