Thursday, March 31, 2011

The week of Tugger

So, this is him--our Tugger. Cute, isn't he?

Except when he is doing this or any number of ornery things he did this week.

We haven't been able to do anything without him following us around. As I type this he is laying on my feet. Pitiful. Just like someone else I know. She had just "woken up" from her nap for a playdate with our favorite dude T-Mo. Besides being a younger man (9 months old) and too eager to see her (pants and holds his arms out) they are a cute couple. I guess Livi doesn't feel the same way. This is what she did the entire time they were over, including while he was grabbing her feet.

Also pitiful--my husband. He was reading to Livi one night before bed--our favorite book "Mr. Brown can moo, can you?" Apparently Brian can very well, but not that he wants you to see. I tried to be stealthy about taking the video. Did not work...Apparently even Brian has a threshold for showing off...

As a side note: we should be getting the KidWalk within the next 2 weeks, which would be great because then we could have it before the Trolley Run. Just in time.