Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And then there was one

On the most beautiful two days we could possibly have this early in the year in Kansas City this is what is going on...

...the same thing is happening next door in a smaller room in a smaller bed--luckily. Yesterday, after a very nice outing with my daughter to Sonic and then to World Market while sitting in the driveway talking to her new neurologist Olivia randomly started screaming. That happened for an hour and once she had worked herself up into a fever we took her to the ER. Fever went down, nothing on the blood or urine or x-ray. What could it be? Since she can't tell me, or really even point to body parts at this point we were down to vague guessing. But, when Brian called me and told me he was coming home this afternoon with a bad stomach ache and then developed a temperature we can start narrowing the guessing.

Olivia is finally resting better now than last night or early this morning (luckily for me. I know people don't care what your house looks like, especially family, but Brian's parents will be in town this weekend and I just CANNOT have the house looking this way). Brian is finally sleeping too after having to be heckled to eat crackers, drink plenty of liquid, and take medicine. At least I can do that for him. I hate having to make Livi suffer because she is too little for medicine. 24hrs down, however many to go.

I did manage to sneak outside and get a few minutes of some vitamin D that is pouring all over this city today. Absolutely beautiful!

And, my talk with the neurologist, in case you were wondering, went well. Livi has been doing a bit better seizure-wise since we doubled her vitamin B6 dose (yes, vitamin). Now, I am expecting a call any day from someone at St. Louis to schedule an overnight EEG, and an MRI and LP (spinal tap). The only scary thing is Livi being sedated for the MRI and LP, but she is the strongest she has ever been. Guess we should just trust. They say a couple of weeks for that to be scheduled, so should be making another family vacation memory in St. Louis here pretty soon. Yay?


  1. Yay times a million!!! Hope Livi and dad feel tons better in the morning for nana and papa. Have a great visit and stay well!

  2. well goodness! feel better you guys...

  3. Well that's no fun... hope you are on the way to feeling more normal today!

  4. Praying for y'all. :)