Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ash Wednesday Eruption

So, I don't have a picture for this post. It just seemed rude to get Brian to take an iphone picture during the church service. Nevertheless, I just have to throw my daughter under the bus because I don't get the opportunity very often...

After having a rough morning (seizures) yesterday Olivia had PT in the pool and did great! Its like magic treatment for her. I was there alone getting her ready after the pool and rushing to church for a 5:30 Ash Wednesday service. We got there right on time and snuck in the pew with our friends. She coughed a few times (making, of course, a huge racket in the quietest times in the service) and we had to feed her, so you could hear the low hum of the pump and finally the beep when it was finished. The dagger, though, was towards the end of the service. My kid, who is always asleep and never disruptive put the cherry on top of the evening by ripping the loudest and foulest smelling fart ever during a quiet moment. You would think a row of adults at church could hold it together. We couldn't. I felt SO disruptive, but the sound was not the worst. I literally had to hold my breath for almost a minute. Oh, Olivia. Is this what you are learning while daddy babysits?


  1. We were behind and to the left of you and did not hear a thing. We always think things are more disruptive when our own child is doing something and I really don't think most things bother other people unless a child is screaming for a long time.

    Glad we didn't get a whif or we would have been laughing too.

  2. Bwahahaha!!! Way to go, Miss Prissy Olivia!!!

  3. perfect timing, olivia! OUR plan went off without a hitch...