Friday, March 19, 2010

Traveling sucks

So, this is why we haven't gone out of the city in six months. Last week the ER. This week our home health supplier decided they were going to CANCEL my request for oxygen delivery in Joplin. I guess that happened yesterday because I talked to a guy yesterday on the phone to make sure it was going to happen. It was. Then I was told this morning that it had been canceled and I have been on hold for thirty minutes. Now, I'm not generally an angry person, but someone is getting a piece of my mind. Especially since we probably won't be able to safely get back to KC tomorrow since its supposed to snow 6-8 inches this weekend after being 60 friggin degrees today. What the heck?!?!?

I also wanted to know if you guys would pray for a friend of mine. His child is very sick with a genetic condition where he is only the second baby to be diagnosed with it in the united states and not one child who has been diagnosed with it has lived to be 2yrs old. He is currently 8 or 9 months now, I think and is in the hospital with pneumonia--which is very severe for him. Last week they gathered the family thinking it would be his last night and miraculously and slowly he is getting better. Praise the Lord! They may get to take him home by the end of this weekend. As you can imagine, any time they have together is precious. The baby's name is Isaac. He is a very precious little boy.

Thanks, and when I finishing chewing someone out on the phone I will let you know the outcome. Enjoy today, for tomorrow it snows!

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  1. get em girl!

    i'll be praying for the little guy. bummer.