Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On the agenda this week

Yesterday we visited Special Care clinic, but are sad to be missing our dr.- she is on maternity with her new baby boy, but, the fill-in dr. was really great. We started talking about Livi's nutrition, and even though she is gaining weight slower than before, she still needs to slow down. Isn't it so funny all we wanted when she was born was for her to gain weight for like five months, and now we can't keep it off! We also got some great news. I talked to a social worker about WIC and we actually make too much money--lol. Sorry, I never put those things in, but its still funny. So, because Livi has a "nutrition issue" our medicaid is going to pay for her pediasure when she turns one. They ship it through apria who is our medical provider. So, not only will we not have to pay for her food, but they ship it to our door UPS every month. I don't even have to go to the store! Apparently they are sure that insurance will pick it up--they confirmed yesterday, but in my mind there is still a chance we will pay--just in case.

We met with our CCVI teacher today. We mostly did an evaluation where I answered questions about Livi's areas of development, but it was a good meeting.

Tomorrow is PT at mercy and then OT at home. Full day--will probably exhaust Livi and me both, but I think it will be good. I can't wait to show our PT how much weight Livi can hold on her own on her hands and knees. We are also working on walking. She is starting to learn to move her feet forward when I shift her weight while she is standing. Instead of shuffling she is actually starting to pick up her feet and move them forward!

Oh, I almost forgot. Also on Monday she got fitted for her BiPAP mask. Next week she'll have to wear it overnight to make sure they have the settings right. I would be dreading it, but she fell asleep two minutes after they put the mask on yesterday. The nurse said thats what happens with kids who really need it-- they are comfortable enough to fall right to sleep. Go figure.


  1. I love the pictures Kelly. Yay for Livi getting stronger!

  2. that little chubbers. i love her legs... ok, she is just the cutest-- second only to my sweet lila of course. haha.