Sunday, March 14, 2010

Problems on the road

We have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time--back in Fayetteville for the first time in almost a year to see our wonderful friends. Yet, a dark could descended when we had to take Olivia to the ER last night for her almost 104 degree fever. She was very uncomfortable and upset and so were we. I don't remember feeling that worried any time lately. We called our friends in KC to pray and all of a sudden, while still in the waiting room, a 30 min nap caused Livi's fever to come down to 99 degrees. They ran a bunch of tests for infection which came back (surprisingly--wait, not) negative. Who knows. No infection. But they did do a chest x-ray that showed a little bit of stuff in her lungs (which is I think is mostly what it looks like now) so they gave us some antibiotics and at 2:30 am we went back to where we are staying. Since then no fever, no high heart rate or low oxygen (which is measured by her pulse-ox she is on all night).

The mystery of my daughter continues. Yet, we do know this, that the Lord chose to heal my daughter. Sometimes prayers are answered the way you want. Sometimes not, and we get over that, but sometimes, just sometimes, the answer is "yes, I will".

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  1. So glad to hear that Kelly!!! What an amazing, and loving God we pray to!!!

    Love you guys & praying that the rest of your trip is smooth and fun!