Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mr. Legs has been resurrected!

My guess is most people won't know what I'm talking about, and at the risk of putting a mental picture in everyone's head--I guess I 'll tell you.

At some point in my very early years (after having casts on both my legs at 6 mo) I got a pair of leg braces--yes, the Forest Gump kind--exactly like that if you must know. There were metal bars up the side, Velcro restraints to keep them on at the waist and on the legs and shoes attached at the bottom. Anyway, I was under the impression that he had died in my parent's attic a long with all our other old stuff long ago, but I was wrong. Yesterday at PT our therapist brought out a pediatric stander we had seen before, but was clearly too big for Livi. It was then discovered that the Velcro restraints were adjustable, so we adjusted them. Now, normally, our medical and therapeutic supplies are brand new, but this was right there, free, and they wanted to get rid of it, so I took it.

--Break in the story: since Livi is not spending enough time upright we are working her up from about 15min in the stander to some day the goal being 1 hr at a time in the stander.--

It actually does look like a torture device, but less so in the these pictures and at therapy when Livi FELL ASLEEP IN IT! Fell asleep standing up, now thats a new trick. It has be Mr. Legs reincarnated or something. The similarities are (from my memory as a very small kid) incredible! I tried to find a Mr. Legs comparable picture on the internet. To no avail. Mother, you are not allowed to try and dig up any pictures and get me to put them up, people can use their imaginations. Of all the things I hoped to pass down to my daughter, this is not one of them.

Also, Tugger spent the night in Livi's room last night after I couldn't get him to leave. I brough his bed in her room and he slept in there all night keeping an eye on her. She was VERY tired after being awake literally for 12 hours or more yesterday. Way above her norm. Her sats are kind of low, but Brian says he thinks its because she is tired. Jacked her oxygen up to a quarter of a liter from an eighth and keeping at eye on it.
Also, a picture from a week ago of therapy at home with Ms. Sherry. Livi is on a therapy ball.


  1. Oh, come on...can't I post a picture of Mr. Legs? Fine, I'll behave. So glad Livi has yet another super useful piece of equipment! Yea, Livi!!!
    Love, G-ma

  2. Kelly,
    She looks fantastic in her upright contraption! I do remember you in yours and the striking resemblance. I have to say the contraption is not the only resemblance to you I see.

  3. that thing is cool! i wish i could fall asleep standing up...