Saturday, December 26, 2009

White Christmas...getting whiter

We had a pretty good Christmas this year. It was Livi's first, and though she was asleep virtually the WHOLE day, she woke up for two hours or so and opened up her presents.

Her first Christmas also turned out to be a pretty white one...and its still snowing here as of 3pm on Saturday. We haven't seen the rest of our family (Dad, Mom and Mal are here) because none of us can get very far down the street. Mom and Dad are just now thinking of venturing out to the grocery store and hopefully to get some entertainment. We've watched movies, did a puzzle, ate, and the great entertainment so far is watching our neighbors try to pull up their driveway (steep hill).

It was not what I pictured her first Christmas to look like. You always think of kids wanting to tear paper (or at least eat it), play with toys, excitement...but it was not like that. Since we upped her medication, she slept literally until about four o'clock in the afternoon before she really was awake enough to be photographed. But, such is our life...for now.
She has had a good day so far today. Still lots of sleeping, but played without seizures for about an hour this afternoon.

Here are some pictures from our Christmas. Hope you all had a wonderful one too!

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