Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things to celebrate!

Home from the hospital already, which is in itself a win. Its even better news to hear that the nurse spoke with us and the anesthesiologist this morning before the MRI and they decided to try it without any anesthesia. In theory this means that Livi has to not only sleep, but lay completely still for about 25min. They came and got us an hour later and she needed no anesthesia, no IV and looked awake without seizures when we saw her. What a trooper! What great staff people they have at Mercy--always thinking of the patient and the family and not what is easiest for them.
A few hours later, when we were at home and meeting with the respite care group who is all ready to come to the house whenever we want, our doctor called saying that the MRI has been read and there is no structural abnormalities in her brain. The MRI can only check structure and not function, but the structure side looks fine. No blood, tumor, lesion, etc.. which is great of course, but also on the flip side gives us no leads with why things are happening.

Thank you for your prayers and thought and in the effort of taking things one day at a time please celebrate with us a wonderful day for our family!

The "care conference" with her doctors and us will be scheduled some time either Monday or Wednesday of next week. We, of course, will keep you up to date.


  1. Praise God! He is so good. We're happy to turn "somber" into "celebrate". Love you all, Mom, Dad and Mal.

  2. Kelly -- I can't tell you how much I appreciate the testimony of faith you and Brian present in your words. I will keep praying. Love, Jane

  3. Kelly and Brian,
    Just read today's blog and thanking God for your better day. Thinking of you!
    Dean & Nancy