Friday, December 18, 2009

New Wheels

No, we didn't buy a new car. We went to physical therapy yesterday to meet with a vendor from United Seating and Mobility and to order some appropriate seating devices for Livi. We have ordered a new stroller base and seat combo called a Kid Kart. Its basically a wheelchair for babies. This will help us tremendously at home, because you can take the seat base out of the stroller base and put it on the floor in your house. It keeps her head secured, there is a tray to play on, laterals that keep her body from shifting, and feet stirrups that will keep her from doing her signature whole body extension- making it difficult for anyone to hold her. The Kid Kart will really help her train her body, and really help me out at home because she can play without me holding her, so now I can look at her face! I was going to post a picture of it here, but I'm not sure of the legal repercussions of that, so you can google it if you want or find it on the United Seating and Mobility website.
We have also ordered a new bath seat called a manatee. Do you think they're trying to say something about her weight?...NO! It really is called that, but she will have to get a size 0. Its an adjustable lawn chair type looking thing with straps to hold her in that we put in the bathtub. Right now the water overflows from her infant bath seat but the water barely reaches her bellybutton! This might be more fun and helpful.

I realize that getting these special devices will do two things: 1. make our lives easier and livi's life more therapeutic and working towards a good goal of wellness. 2. identify us as a family with a special needs child from as far away as people can see the Kid Kart (its pretty big and bulky)
Don't get me wrong, I am not ashamed of my daughter or anything that comes with her. We love Olivia and are so proud of who she is-- all of her, but I realize that this will cause people to look at her less with admiration about how cute she is, and more with pity. Perhaps my biggest problem is that people will look on me with pity.
I had a very pointed conversation last night with a good friend of mine in which she challenged my idea that this is our life and it is not more stressful than anyone else's. We all have stuff to deal with. She was not impressed. I love my daughter and taking care of her, but Maggie, my friend, suggested that the level of care that Olivia needs is not decreasing as with most aging children, but perhaps increasing. To me this does not suggest that I need visits from at home nurses to help me catch a break or a steady babysitter so I can go indulge myself in something, but perhaps I should consider that we are going to live differently than most other people, and that perhaps requires different needs and more people's help. I feel like I have grown alot in my allowance of others helping in day to day things in our lives and totally appreciate it, but maybe I have further to go.
Hopefully with time, and the Lord's help...

Oh, shout out to both sets of grandparents. Thanks grandma and papa for the visit! They are leaving tomorrow morning and we are SO sad! Texas is a very long way away and we will miss you!
Mama Marge and Papa Don, we are excited to see you on Saturday! We know wild horses wouldn't keep you away for longer than two weeks! :)
Aunt Mal, can't wait to see you in a week! YAY!

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  1. That's right! We'll be there as often as our car will take us and we have to come before Aunt Mal or we won't even get to see her! What a baby hog....
    See you tomorrow - Love, Marge