Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow at 7am we will be carting Livi to same day surgery at Mercy for her heart "procedure" and a few other appts. About six weeks ago cardiology found two congenital heart defects and also found she had pulmonary hypertension. They are doing a cardiac cath tomorrow morning to measure the exact pressure in the enlarged part of her heart and checking to see how big the two defects are. If they pose a problem, they will just coil them during the procedure. (No big deal, right?)

Since she has to be put out (not "put down" as Brian has been known to say) everyone wants a piece of her. Pulmonary is getting a CT scan and Neuro is getting a muscle biopsy. She will stay for at least one night so they can perform a follow-up EEG on Friday morning to see how her new medicine is working. Hopefully they'll change a dose or a med because I can tell them she is still seizing on the meds quite often.

Really Brian and I's biggest concern is getting her off of the ventilator. She will have to be intubated for the procedure, but for most kids, its an outpatient procedure and they go home the same day. Livi has not been great at getting off of the ventilator so far, so we are hoping we won't be there through the weekend.

She is obviously losing sleep over the procedure...


  1. That's a cute picture! Thanks for starting the blog. I think it's a good idea.

  2. I'm so glad we can follow along! We think of you and pray for you all often, now we'll have more specific prayer requests! Thanks!

  3. Im so glad we can keep up with yall! We are always wondering how things are going!