Friday, December 11, 2009

Good days

Thank you all for your prayers. Livi's last couple of days have been encouraging and full of joy and hope for us. She spent time sucking her pacifier last night, played and smiled today with her daddy. Though she still is hardly moving, we can move her hands and she will feel faces etc and seems interested in looking at things at least. These signs give us hope that a recovery would be possible after the surgery.

We also spoke with our wonderful pulmonologist this morning. She says now she can hear the murmur where she couldn't before and seems sure that Livi should have the surgery pretty soon. She is also encouraged and curious about what she found on the CT Scan last week. Our doctors are all wonderful and working together marvelously to bring about the best plan for Olivia. Per instructions of our doctor today Livi will remain on oxygen full time at least until the surgery and then post surgery they will consider doing her sleep study early to see if she has some apnea issues.

We know there are worse days to come, but we live in the good ones while we have them and remember them during the bad ones. When I can get a picture of Olivia not sleeping I will post one. :)

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