Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thawing out

Yes, in case you can't tell thats Brian last week the second time we shoveled our front walk. SECOND. Normally by now much of the snow would have melted, except for the subzero temperatures here in Kansas City. Today, the high was 8. As in degrees. My poor furnace has been running all day trying to keep up in this old house.

Mostly we've just been hunkering down and snuggling in since the weather last week. Olivia spent quite a bit of last week sleeping. I don't blame her. I don't know she is ready for spring or she is just trying to show off her new attitude, but she's been a different kid lately. As in a 2 year old kid. As in loud, unwilling to sleep in her own bed all of a sudden (a battle Brian and I either are or will eventually win. She is does NOT sleep with us), yell-talking constantly, and giving me this face a lot...

...not cute. I know. This is right before I tried feeding her some today. She loves barbecue sauce (strange, I know) but even today Olivia has her limits. This episode ended in crying. Her--not me. At least not this time. I am grateful that she is already asleep just an hour after I put her to bed tonight. The past few nights its been 3 hrs of yelling (not crying) only to be quieted when held or eventually when she gets her meds at 10:30pm (the only time I was happy to give her anticonvulsants).
Big things on tap for us the next few weeks: next week we are going to St. Louis to see a neurologist about a second opinion. If they think its a good idea we will be pursuing the ketogenic diet treatment for her seizures pretty soon after we get back. I could put a link to the diet, but there are so many and I'm lazy. Google it.
In two short months our little bear will be turning 2. (stunned silence)
And, just a few short weeks after that we will be participating in the CCVI Trolley Run here in KC. 4 miles, worth the sweat as long as we raise some more money for the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired. Recent post on the run here!
That link has all the information on how to sign up to run with us (because we'd love it) and how to donate money (because we need it)
Foot of snow aside it has been a good week. Much to look forward to this weekend--like 50 degree weather. Look forward to pics of us running around in bathing suits.


  1. i feel the same way about lila, she has suddenly morphed into a tyrant. they call it terrible 2's for a reason, i guess.

    i'm sorry you've had some hard days. i do think it's awesome she's trying to vocalize something...even if it's being mad. :) i'll be praying for your appt in St louis too...

  2. I think that's an "I miss Grandpa" face :) (What do you think, Grandpa ?)