Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lace up your runnin shoes...

If you are a Kansas City native, you have probably heard of this race before, but you might not know why they run it. This race goes entirely to benefit a Kansas City organization called CCVI. They are a wonderful organization that works with blind and visually impaired children through many programs including in home teaching and therapy and an on site preschool. Olivia is currently part of their infant program, which means we have a teacher in our home once a week. In the fall, we plan to have Olivia attend their preschool. Olivia is not blind, but her onslaught of seizures had impaired the path that information takes from her eyes to her brain. In essence, her eyes see fine what is in front of her, but her brain often misinterprets it or doesn't interpret it at all. Due to their teacher (thanks, Kathy!) Olivia has made great strides in her visual functioning. Now its time for us to try and give back.

We will be walking/running in this race as a family team and there are two ways you can help us. If you plan to be in KC on race day and want to run/walk then you have to register with our team. We would LOVE to have you. The registration fee is $30 pre-race. If you cannot attend, you can still help us by raising money. Our team goal is set at $1000, but we would LOVE to raise more. You can also go to our team page, but instead of registering as a participant, you can donate.The buttons are pretty self-explanatory. Please pass this information on to whoever you think might be interested in giving.

Here is the link to our team page (our team name was chosen by Grandpa Don- way to go!)

We would really love your help in raising money. This is the easiest way for CCVI to give scholarships to children and their families for in home care or preschool. The money can also go to supplies or field trips. CCVI does a ton of good in this city, specifically for us as a family and we want to say "thank you".

If you have any questions please feel free to email me:

For information on the run go to their website:

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