Monday, January 31, 2011

Bare Necessities

Come on, people. Its a classic. And its been running over and over in my head. So, here is my present to you. Learn it. Sing it. Love it. Thank you Jungle Book and Walt Disney.

You know how you found out what is really important to you? Your husband is at the store hours before the storm starts which will bring a projected 10-13" of snow. He asks you what you need for the next few days. What do you say? I'm a sensible girl. So I said...

  • D batteries for the flashlight in case we lose power (we were supposed to get ice too)
  • plain bagels (because my stomach has hated me lately. this is breakfast and dinner)
  • caffeine (which for me is pepsi--just can't do the coffee thing. again, the stomach)
Things that also came home with him...
  • individual packaged toblerone (the one kind of chocolate he knows I like)
  • habanero BBQ almonds (you guessed it--not for me)
  • tylenol (is he trying to send me a message? does he think he'll need this after 2 days at home?)
  • de-icer (more) and another scraper. (i probably lose 2 or 3 every winter)
Are these the things I can't live without? Close. Very close. The other necessities of life for me are British Breakfast Tea (which we stocked up on Saturday), magazines (my Good Housekeeping came just the other day), and books (there are three sitting in front of me right now. I'm just trying to keep up with Brian. It can't be done--even by an English major).

So, what about you? Lets hear from the peanut gallery...what are your bare necessities?


  1. You guys!! Hope you have heaps of Sing Along Songs, because folks... it's likely I will not be there tomorrow!

    On a schoolish note, it's time to order your Seedlings books for Livi. Go on to and pick 4 titles from the catalog and they will send 2. The others are available for purchase.

  2. when layne is just wearing his undies, he looks exactly like mogley in the jungle book. ha.

    hmm, what can i not live without...the "intranet"...hours and hours of needless entertainment. ha.

  3. bare necessities....I'd say I have to have cereal and milk, ice cream, nuts, fruit, and coffee and creamer. Also enjoy watching shows on Hulu. And I guess toilet paper is kind of a necessity. :)