Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dang you, springtime jitters

I know its still January. I know. But my heart is ready for April. I feel like I fight back the springtime jitters earlier every year. Perhaps the last two days of blue sky that followed the last two months of gray is causing the problems. I have a little nook at the top of our stairs where I adore sitting in the mornings--reading, writing, whatever.

I use it so often it has become like every other room in my house--messy or "lived in" as I prefer.

And, besides writing on the blog this is what I am doing up here now. The midday snack of champions. Do I like throwing myself under the bus? No, but thanks to jami I am trying to be more transparent, but with discretion, for your sake.

Two days ago out the window all I saw were icicles weighing down my gutter. Yesterday they were all dripping and a few fell. Today--no icicle in sight. Delightful! Whatever the cause, my springtime jitters will not be stifled. The last 24 hours I have started one house project (sanding the banister to repaint and carpet--whenever) and thought of a million more I am ready to get working on. Already I can tell I am biting off more than I can chew this year.

Livi's CCVI (Children's Center for the Visually Impaired) teachers just left. Now I have a million and one ideas for how get her to learn things on the computer while I am cleaning/cooking or doing any number of very domestic things while wearing an apron. (giggle) The problem is, I have to create them all in PowerPoint. Awesome? Yes. Time consuming? Yes.

I have also considered how early is too early to start my herb garden--indoors of course until its warm. I know. It is too early. But there's nothing wrong with planning, right?

And (yes, there is more) my daily emails from zulily (this totally awesome website with discounted goodies for kids, moms, and women) has now yielded two pairs of sandals for Livi--one with the squeakers of course, and since this morning one pair of flat-like-sandal thingies for me.

All of this I did while dreaming of City Market on Saturdays. Yummy. Too much springy thingies too early? Probably. But I honestly can't help it. Guess spring will either have to come faster or I'll just have to live in my delusion for a few more months.


  1. let the spring time come!

    love the laffy taffy in the window seel. blahahahaha. today i stole some of layne's halloween candy if that makes you feel any better.

  2. Don't forget Gma's picture in the ppoint (hee hee).

  3. We can work on power points during my visit next week if you want!