Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Through the surgery

And finally...the surgery was finished this morning around nine and we got to see her around eleven thirty or so. She is still on the ventilator, but resting really well. They will keep her on the vent and the meds tonight just to let her rest, but she is not showing signs that she wants to either fight it, or stay on it, so that is good. Brian and I have spent a few hours with her, but she is not supposed to wake up until tomorrow, so we are trying to get in some naps, some sunshine, some not caf food, and rest. I think I even will be staying at home tonight, but checking in with the nurse whenever I wake up or feel uneasy to see how she is doing.

They have no real idea how long anything will take, but I am feeling more patient than usual about the vent and the overall stay. Thanks for the prayers and will update tomorrow if I can.


  1. Kelly, I am praying for a quick recovery for your beautiful lovely girl. Karen Sapp

  2. Hi,

    Still praying. My Mom's Bible study and Joe's family is praying, too. Love you. Kelly I read your blog from a couple of days ago about praying and I shared it with a couple of people. Give Liv a kiss from me! xoxo!!


  3. good! i was thinking about her all yesterday...

    let us know if we can help you guys in any way.

  4. Hey Keys! I just got back from vacation to hear the best news ever! Livi had her surgery! I just enjoyed reading all the blogs I'd missed. My favorite being that about prayer. Just this morning I read something that has me so renewed in my job here(of believing for all these kids to be healed): It's in either the 1st or 2nd chapter of Hebrews and talks about how ALL things are under submission of Christ even though we cannot always see those things being under submission. But what we can see is Jesus! So glad we get Him! Love you guys!