Friday, July 16, 2010

My kid--the best faker ever!

At this point I think it would be wise to assume that Olivia is playing all of us and that she just really doesn't feel like having the surgery. This week consisted of: no fevers, not one; very, very few seizures and lots of smiles and playtime. How could be possibly be fooled again??!?!?

The new surgery date is July this point, I understand if you want to stop following my blog because my family just seems to be too much drama. Fully expect Olivia to get sick the week before her newest surgery date--just because she can. Pictures to come.


  1. she's a drama queen. that-a girl! lila pulls the same stuff all the time. and for sure gets away with it. oh the perks of being a girl...

  2. You're such an awesome mom. I love reading your blog and learning about Olivia.