Sunday, July 11, 2010

Congratulations to my seester!

Yay for Malarie and Allen who were married yesterday in Ft. Smith, AR (my sister and new brother-in-law)! I was lucky enough to be there and the (huhmmm) matron of honor. Yuck on the wording, yay on the post. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding of which I was, of course, in and got to take almost no pictures. I am waiting on some to be emailed from my mother but in the mean time, I will post some new pictures of Livi featuring the beautiful new hair bow given to us by Malarie's new sister-in-law. It is SO cute and we LOVE our new family members! Sadly, because Livi's heart surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, her and Brian were not able to go to the wedding and we were all absolutely devastated.

It did turn out to be good that they stayed, though, because 4am on Sat. morning Brian had to drive Livi to the hospital for an almost 104 temp. After one dose of Motrin she was fine and they came home two hours later with a chest x-ray and no pneumonia. Today when I got home she was so awake and absolutely fun to play with. We don't know how this fever will affect the surgery--they may decide tomorrow morning in pre-op that they don't want to operate that close to a fever so high. We go in for pre-op tomorrow at 8am and will let you know what is going on as we know things.

Here is a pic of miss livi...cute as ever.


  1. I am glad to catch up on what is going on with Livi. Ron and I leave in the morning to go to go to Family Camp for City Union Mission where I am head cook for the week. I will be praying for Oliva and her surgery. I will also be following the blog carefully. MayGod protect her We must remember that she is in God's hands.

  2. I have to say that the new headband looks better on Livi than on Mal as a garter - what was she thinking? Hahahahaha!

  3. i am hoping the surgery stays on schedule!! and i'm glad you got to go to the's always good to get away even for a little bit.