Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its unofficially official...

I figure its nine o'clock at night the night before surgery and no calls or strange things have happened, so we're actually a go this time. Honestly, I'm a little nervous--a lot of nervous, mostly about the first few hours and the ventilator and Olivia's comfort. I know they'll do everything they can. Still, I think its normal to be at least a little nervous.

We will be waking up (hopefully) around four am and heading to the hospital for our six am visit. It will be a long day. After meeting the surgeon and everyone else they will bring her in (my guess is seven to seven thirty-ish) to the pre-op room and then take us to the waiting room. Its a 3-5hr procedure and then she gets an hour in post-op before we see her. Then, after she is settled in the PICU we will get to see her, probably--and this will be wrong because it just will be--between noon and two pm. If we can't get to a computer to update the blog I will ask my mom to do it for me. (Our 'laptop' won't close, so transporting it is pretty complicated and stupid looking).

Thanks for all of the prayers. We have high hopes.

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