Friday, May 14, 2010


First of all, thank you to my lovely husband who captured the best part of mother's day. It was about fifteen minutes after this that all FOUR of us were in the bed together.

Yes, we've been around, just kind of busy. Not really hectic busy, but thinking and planning busy--which is almost more exhausting and far less gratifying. We are beginning to see a crossroads with several areas of our lives.

The most prominent is Brian's school/work situation. Since he is graduating in a week, we are attempting to make some kind of plans of how our lives will be different then: job wise, economically, insurance, time with family, stress...the list goes on. Since we don't exactly have this planned out yet we'll have to be okay with the nebulous concept and see in a couple weeks if things are clarified for us.

Also, making a lot of decisions, though some for later, about Livi's care. We are considering changing pediatricians to one who specializes in neurodevelopmental things and has patients who see a lot of specialists at mercy like we do. I hope it works out. Also, trying to get her on the wait list for the preschool for ccvi or tlc. We just upped some of her meds last night because her seizures have been worse the past couple of days. So the next few days while she gets used to the new dose there will be a lot of sleeping. We are also thinking about alternative diet plans instead of just pediasure and gathering information and specialists with that.

Thirdly, we are having (finally) an electrician come out to fix the basement and downstairs wiring issues. I will finally be able to do my own laundry in this house! (kind of excited, but its laundry, so not TOO excited) he will talk to us about the upstairs wiring after this part. We also had an HVAC guy come out to the house. As the electrician, he was none too pleased with the job that had been done on the house. we basically will need a new airconditioner and furnace. The old ones work, but its difficult getting good air to the second floor without it. We can make due for a while.

Promise I will try to be more diligent with the blog thing.

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  1. i love taking naps together. for like 10 minutes and then i want my own space. ha.

    glad that you are looking to the future. praying that God will hook you up with a good preschool and a new job for the hubby. woo woo!