Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enjoying being home

Yes, thats right. We got home from the hospital this afternoon after a week and a half. We are so grateful to be able to spend our time all together. Olivia is doing wonderfully--breathing great and gaining energy. She was awake early this afternoon for several hours and has now assumed the position of sleeping on daddy on the couch because...

Mommy had to go on an errand this afternoon. My dr.s office called and said that my blood workup looked normal so I had to go get a sonogram of my thyroid, which I did later this afternoon. Now just waiting for a phone call. We don't really even know what to expect.

Besides all that, we have a relaxing and really fun weekend planned and we can't wait to spend it all together!


  1. finally...i hope you get to do nothing...or maybe something fun. whatever, just glad you're home!

  2. What good news that you are home! Enjoy a lazy weekend together. Love, Jane

  3. So Happy you all are home again.