Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Night Away

Lets see if I can remember how it happened...

On Saturday evening livi started getting some cold symptoms--mostly runny nose--but was fine besides that. Saturday night no one got sleep because she started coughing as well and would only sleep on her mother on the couch. Sunday, as I said in the last post, we stayed home from church. About 7pm or so on sunday she got a fever about 103.5 so we took her into the ER again. After the motrin kicked in she was even breathing better and acting better than her usual self, so we convinced them to let us go home at midnight with the understanding that if she got ANY worse we would bring her back in. During that time they had turned her oxygen up because her nose was so stuffy it couldn't get through well.
Five hours later we were going back to the ER and then were admitted to children's mercy around 7am--on about two hours of sleep. There wasn't much of a chance for me to sleep since people are in and out so often until the afternoon when I snuck in 45min, but that was as much as I could get even though I was getting dizzy and fuzzy head.

Meanwhile, Olivia's afternoon was excellent and she had cleared out the mucus, but after some feeds during the day it returned thicker than before and her breathing last night was very spotty because she couldn't breathe hardly at all through her nose. About 10pm last night they decided to try and thin out the mucus by feeding her only clear liquids, so at 11pm they were putting in an IV. It was about that time I realized I wouldn't get any sleep with the monitors continuing to go off. Crying, I called my mother and then my husband realizing to be a good mom I would have to go home and sleep--my first night away from Olivia since we got her home from the hospital.

I am at home now, anxious to take a shower and return to see my girl, but infused with eight hours of sleep and feeling great.

Essentially, all this trouble in the hospital is because of a runny nose and a slight cough--another virus. The fevers have been fewer and less severe than a few weeks ago, but I plan on staying a little longer this time with the breathing difficulty. This also could push back her surgery but we won't know until we get discharged or after. It also is not great timing because Brian will be graduating on Saturday and we will be seeing Livi's Nana and Papa for the first time since December this weekend--we would hate for it to be in the hospital. We will pray for her to be alert and awake so they can see the real her anyway.

As usual, it is not all bad. Again we have seen the usual enormous support for our family. My dear friends Maggie and Hannah came to visit to bring lunch and dinner. My dad was "passing through town" again as he somehow always is when Livi is in the hospital and we have seen other friends just stop by to check on us. The Lord uses you all to comfort me in the most beautiful way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What else can we say? We will keep you posted...

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  1. Sleep is a beautiful thing -- I'm glad you got some. Keep us posted, I'll tell the girls to pray. Love, Jane