Friday, May 21, 2010

Ornery Little Girl

We interrupt this program for a small break for daddy to display his less than stellar compositional skills. I can't compete with Kel, so be patient with me.

Anyway, we are still at the hospital and while we thought we figured out what was wrong (a potential positive RSV test), we just found out that said test might have popped up in the computer from a previous visit. Helpful, huh? What is odd about the whole RSV thing is that Livi received some very expensive shots to keep her from getting this particular virus. However, according to the attending, since flu season happened in the fall, RSV season came in the spring...translation: after Livi received her entire round of shots to prevent the virus when it was supposed to happen, it was "sneaky, sneaky" (Mr. Deeds reference for Kel) and came afterwards. How nice, right? I think I might need to take this girl gambling somewhere because if there are odds to be beaten, she wins! At any rate, we were planning on getting out today, but it looks like we are going to stay another night.

On another note, I just spent the entire night with my little girl and thought that this would be an appropriate time for a brief examination of the English language...

Ornery - mean-spirited, disagreeable, and contrary in disposition; cantankerous

While you might look at her and think she is the sweetest thing ever, the above definition is still appropriate. Exhibit A: she was having a rough evening so I decided to stay with her last night. When I returned to her room, she was asleep and breathing fine. In an effort to watch her for a while I stayed up until around 2 am. Until that point, she was sleeping well and breathing fine, although a little low for her on a good day. So, like any fatigued parent would do, I made the bed made of a plastic mattress with paper thin sheets and laid down to rest. About that time, Livi decided to wake up and scream, as if she knew I was going to sleep. So I walk over to the bed, pick her up and SHE QUITS IMMEDIATELY! She then falls to sleep, so I carefully lay her down and lay myself back down. Then, it happens again! Long story short...we slept together in the awesome plastic recliner in the room until about 5:30am. In a word...SPOILED. Then I put her down again...commence the screaming. Fortunately, the care assistant came to my rescue and held her while I got 2.5 hours of sleep.

Examination of the English language complete. I rest my case. Thanks Livi for expanding our vocabulary!


  1. I hate to tell you how NORMAL that is, son-in-law. Just ask Alice how many times she did that for you :). I personally will have to give you applause - splendid job on the blog! Can't wait to see you this weekend - hope to stop in at the hospital on the way in to town.
    Momma Marge

  2. that naughty baby. ha. ya right. they all do that.