Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updates all around

So, since I don't actually post as much as I mean to, this post will cover all the high points since Sunday. Ready?

Olivia is doing about the same, maybe a smidge better. Its so hard to say because she's up and down depending on the hour. I talked with the doc this morning and he said that its not just her, that several kids with this human metapneumovirus that she has have been taking an extra long time to get rid of it. That is both comforting and not. The past few days for me have been pretty emotional and I am playing out scenarios in my head. This is both helpful and not helpful, but today has seemed better--for me and her. They are moving to turn things down again, very slowly, and hopefully this time it will stick. The reason for the "worsening" after Saturday, we think, is due to some collapsing of the smaller sacks of the lung. Its an issue she has often when she has upper respiratory infections, but being already sick and on the ventilator it has set her back a few days. We don't have any new pictures of her. Unfortunately she looks about the same as she did a few weeks ago--just sporting new barrettes now--orange flowers.

Gabs is insane. We absolutely love her and she is proving to be a wild woman already. She is 7 weeks old today. Can you believe it? So, I get this text Monday night. Brian had been letting her cry for a bit in her bed, but going upstairs to check on her. It usually just takes a few minutes of whining now, if that, for her to sleep, but tonight was different. He went up to check on her and found this...

...So this is one of those swaddler blankets, which apparently suck. Admittedly the nightgown is a little big, but really? See the red eyes? When they get their tear ducts working it makes the crying so sad!

Also, we had another work day on the ramp this Saturday. The stone pillars that were on the old porch were dissembled and concrete was poured on the corners of the new porch so they can be re-assembled as part of the new porch. Awesome, but my lazy rear would never go to that much trouble. Apparently, under our dirt lies a quarry, which, fortunately for the boys, meant they would have to rent a jackhammer make a hole big enough for the pillars. They were really torn up about it too.


  1. Gabby is SOOO cute. Both your girls have the most insanely perfect skin I have ever seen.

  2. Elijah used to wiggle out of those swaddlers, too. The sleepsack ones are the ones that worked best on him. We have a few somewhere and you're welcome to borrow them until June if you'd like.