Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yesterday, for the first time in a month, we got to see Livi in a "regular room"--she is officially OUT of ICU! I caught her after her physical therapy and her breathing treatment, so she was awake for a bit, then pretty tired, but beautiful nonetheless.

Anyone is able to go visit her now without checking with us, so please understand this as a formal invitation. I can't be up there too much, so if you are in town and want to say "hi" we would love it and I'm sure she would too. They'll tell you where she is staying at the security desk. We gotta have SOME privacy- puhlease!

Also, on the most bitterly cold day of the year so far, friends assembled, once again, to work on the porch/ramp. Framing was the word of the day.

I really felt beside myself more than usual last Saturday when the boys came to work. I realized that even though they knew just how sick Olivia was, they continued to show up and build something she might never get to use. When Brian expressed our gratefulness for their perseverance our dear friend said "we're just working like we're praying". I guess thats all that needed to be said. We have the best friends in the world--I really believe that.

Also, thanks to everyone for praying/giving for the ramp project. I believe that we have raised enough to complete all the projects on the budget. Honestly, when the total amount of $10,000 was first expressed to me as the budget I doubted that it would ever happen. The Lord is continually breaking me of my pessimism. I hope I'm learning my lesson. But don't worry, we're not done hitting you up for money. The CCVI Trolley Run (Livi's preschool's annual and main fundraiser) is coming up, and you better believe we plan to make you all join us! Its just 4 miles. No biggie. Details coming.


  1. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

  2. You better bet I'll be in there reminding that girl of everything she knows how to do just as soon as I can!