Monday, February 20, 2012

And baby makes 3

So, first off congratulations to my sister, Malarie and her husband Allen. This morning they welcomed their first baby, a daughter named Emerson Yocum McFarren-- all 6 bls. 6 oz. of her!

So, the "3" is for them, and Emerson is also the third granddaughter in our family--thats right--all girls. Yikes! The other two are ours and are doing well.

Olivia is still in the hospital and its hard to say exactly how she's doing--better than a week ago anyway. I spoke with her dr. this morning and feel encouraged about her long-term stability, but I think getting her well enough to be home, and then back to herself after that is going to be a very long process. Brian and I are loving seeing her awake and snuggling with her when we can get up to the hospital, but are still grieving the loss of her presence at home and the loss of some of her personality and skills because of the illness. We are confident she will gain those back, but we miss our expressive little diva. Until then, we are basking in whatever time with her can get.

And finally (sigh) Gabs. You are two months old and we are having a hilarious time figuring you out. Most of the time you are very happy and content little thing. We LOVE happy Gabs.

You still only weigh about 8 pounds and are our teeny tiny little nugget, but we're so proud of you. Just this morning you are really figuring out how to put your hands in your mouth. Can't wait for that stage. You are the burpingest and fartingest little girl ever. Its hard not to be proud of that. You're also pretty cute whether you're happy or not.

These three ladies are going to rule things very soon in our family, and we can't wait!


  1. Love this post! Sweet, sweet lil girls. :)

  2. well i am happy that livi is doing better than last week. i can't imagine how it feels without her though. :(

    and sweet gabs is the sweetest. i make tiny babers too. so ya. be encouraged? lol.

  3. Congrats, Aunt Kelly! :) What beautiful girls you have in your family!!! SOOOO glad Olivia is doing so much better. We will keep praying for her to return home very quickly!