Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The end is near

Really disappointed in myself for going so long without blogging. Livi is still in the hospital, but coming home (drumroll, please) hopefully mid week next week. We CANNOT wait. Our little family will be together again for, basically, the first time. That is both absolutely exciting and terribly frightening. Brian and I are measuring and deciding if we will need some help around the house for a bit and if we do what kind and who. We are no closer to a decision than we were a while back--it is all depending on what Livi is like when we bring her home. We'll have some differences to our routine: new wound care, a bit off of preschool, more sleeping, less ability to move. I have no idea how we'll work any of these new details out, but I am honestly so afraid.

Livi is frustrated a lot more than I am used to hanging out in her hospital bed. She is most herself cruising the hallways in her chair, it seems. She is just totally bored in her room after this many weeks. I just want my same 'ol girl back, but then again, she will be turning 3 in  a month and who knows what changes that will bring. If the weather keeps up hopefully I can get both girls out on the new porch we'll have soon and entertain everyone.

This beaut is from earlier this week when I was able to drive Livi up and down the hallways. She has also more recently stood assisted by her physical therapist for up to 2 minutes. It was not a happy 2 minutes, but she worked hard anyway.

This goofball is a total lunatic. Her moods are as up and down as the weather, but she is totally funny, so it makes up for all the craziness.


  1. Praying for you guys! I always love seeing pictures of your sweet girls. They are beautiful :)


  2. Gorgeous pics of both girls. Glad O is doing better.

    I love your honesty, too. Thinking of you guys!